Devin Cahow, a native South Floridian, has been an artist at heart since childhood with a natural knack for creating and design. Inspired by his surroundings, his art is eclectic and diverse in nature. Studying art for four years, Cahow began his journey with acrylics and wood sculpting. In 2013, as a self taught welder, Devin found passion in working with metals and recycled mediums to bring his creations to life. 

His artwork has been featured domestically, as well as, internationally in hotels, restaurants and corporate locations. Cahow has displayed his pieces at Art Basel, Art Fort Lauderdale and Art Palm Beach, and his works are also found in England, France, New Zealand and beyond. He has made custom pieces for celebrities and professional sports athletes as well as been interviewed on national television.

Truly unique to metal artistry, Devin‘s creations scale from refined art to rustic upcycled pieces.